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Magis for Valentine's Day!

Hello!!! Here’s my valentine gift for Gali!!! I hope you like it even though it’s not much smut XD

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    *hugs you tight* Happy Valentines, Dear!!!! I hope you and Corinna will have a great time this day of the hearts...
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Magi gifts for everyone, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Unsure of what this is? It's a fanwork gift exchange amongst fandom members, where we exchange fanfic, fanart, and anything else Magi-related that you create! You will be assigned a specific person to make a gift for, and you will receive gifts as well!

Want to join? Submit your wishlist over here. Please limit yourself to three likes and three dislikes. If you include more than this, your first three listed will be what we give your secret valentine to work from.

The cut-off day to join is January 20th. This allows everyone plenty of time to prepare their gifts! You will receive your assignment within 24 hours of this date.

Gifts may be submitted at any time up until February 14th through the submit box of this blog. Please do not be the person that receives and doesn't gift! This is supposed to be fun for everyone!

If you participated in the Magi Secret Santa and did NOT submit a gift as expected, you are asked to contact us prior to joining this exchange. We want to insure everyone receives something!

Have fun!!!

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